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POINT MMA (these also apply to Point MMA Kidz Play as well) Legal Target Areas: Head guard ONLY (no back of head), ribs, chest, abs Illegal Target Areas: Groin, Back of Head, Back, leg techniques

  • Single Round Eliminations – 2 minutes each round.
  • Championship rounds will consist of 2 rounds 2 minutes each with 30 second break in between. Top 4 fighters are considered "championship" rounds as well as title fight for GRAND Champion.
  • All rounds will be continuous unless there is a foul or reset etc needs to happen. Otherwise score totals will be called at the end of all rounds – ex: Judge one calls this bout at 10 to 9 red fighter / judge two calls this bout 10 to 8 blue fighter etc.
  • Light to medium contact
  • No blind or out of control techniques of any kind. 1st offense STRONG WARNING, 2nd Offense Points Deducted, 3rd Offense Automatic Disqualification.
  • Competitor must be awarded points for any technique that is point scoring technique from other styles
  • Head judge can stop the match if it is clear to them that one opponent is incapable of continuing to fight and declare the other fighter the winner.
  • No clawing, pressure point strikes, twisting techniques, slamming techniques or un-sportsman like attitude. 1st time Warning – 2nd time Disqualification.
  • 5 seconds to execute techniques while on ground or after countering a point scored on you – head referee will reset each match after 5 count for adults
  • No Knee Strikes or No Elbow Strikes – this will help avoid facial cuts as much as possible.
  • All fighters must make sure nails are trimmed back and not jagged to cut or hurt anyone.
  • Competitor (Male – must have groin cup/sports cup)
  • Gi Pants or Fight Shorts may be worn – or full uniform
  • Must have Boxing Head Guard (full contact head guard), mouth piece, MMA style (fingerless fight gloves) Or foam hand guards that are approved by commissioner.
  • Must have Ringstar Fight Shoes / Foam foot gear.
  • Women Fighters must have sports bra and turtle Shell Chest Protectors.
  • All Fighters male or female must supply own fight equipment and must be approved by fight commissioner prior to entering the ring. All Fighters must weigh in prior to event. Weigh ins will close to ring/division starting no last minute entries. All Fighters must sign off with commissioner on weight.
  • All Bonus monies apply only to the top 4 fighters and GRANDS.
  • NO negative language or attitudes will be tolerated.


  • The most important function of the referee is to secure the safety of the competitors. Therefore the referee must be aware of the attitude and intent of the participants.
  • The nature of a good referee should be fair and unbiased, and impartial. A referee must have extensive knowledge of POINT MMA rules and scoring and must not alter them in the least.
  • A center ref MUST NOT argue point of judgment or call with anyone. If someone has a complaint match will be held and a calm conversation with fight commissioner will take place. We don't want our refs to destroy their credibility throughout the competition.
  • A good referee is there but barely seen in the middle of the fight unless deemed necessary. A referee must wear safety gloves at all times while being center referee.
  • There will be 2-3 other judges/referees scoring each bout/match.
  • Referee (center ref is responsible for making sure that each fighter has the specified required equipment. All equipment must be inspected for usage by either center ref or commissioner prior to each fight. Must make sure that the striking surfaces are free of abrasive tape that may cut the face of other fighters.
  • A few moments of equipment inspection at the beginning of a bout can prevent serious injury.
  • Required for use and inspection – boxing/full contact head guard, mouth guard, MMA fingerless fight gloves, Ringstar fight shoes, groin cup men, turtle shell chest protectors women.
  • It is also the center ref's responsibility to make sure each fighter's nails are trimmed and not jagged as to hurt or injury other fighters.
  • It is the center ref's responsibility to control the fight at all times as well as the ring and not allow coaches, parents, friends or anyone enter ring while fight is in play.
  • Referee is as mobile as the movement that the fighters dictate.
  • Center ref must make sure that other officials do not congregate on the side of any fighter and remain neutral at all times.
  • Referee must make judgment calls immediately upon breaking the fight for any reason and may not confer with any other official or fight team, coach etc. The ref may however, use a brief moment to review rules with commissioner if deemed necessary.
  • The ref should never allow a competitor to compromise his or her authority as an official. The referee enforces the regulations exactly.
  • The ref must not tolerate unsportsmanlike conduct or disrespect from the competitors or coaches, parents, friends etc. The match will be stopped and the fighter will NOT be permitted to go on.
  • The ref should establish a close working relationship with the judges based on mutual respect. The officials must cooperate completely for the safety of the competitors and the determination of that division's true champion. The ref and judges always support each other on determination of rule violations.
  • The ref must control that there is NO dialogue between the fighters once the match starts.
  • If the ref has to discuss a violation with the competitor or an issue of warrant the clock must be stopped and start back as the fight proceeds.
  • A ref should never ask another judge or official did you see that kick or punch. All personal conversations about any of the matches should be done so when the division is completely over. There will be no personal discussion while any division is in session.
  • The ref must communicate clearly and concisely with the score-keeper and timekeeper. Confusion often erupts when a scorekeeper has not been properly informed as to who scored what, when.
  • Must remain during the entire division and not leave position until you speak and check out as head ref with the commissioner.
  • Center Ref must be clearly vocal in calling illegal maneuvers, 10 count holds, disqualifications, etc.


  • Must be trained prior to event
  • Must have extensive knowledge of martial arts
  • Must be professional at all times
  • Must be focused on said divisions at all times
  • Must know and understand the rules/ points, etc.
  • Must be able to communicate clearly with the head ref.
  • Must be unbiased, impartial and follow the exact orders of the head ref and commissioner of POINT MMA.
  • Must be appointed prior to event or division. No last minute substitutes.
  • Must not have a fighter or participant in said division or match.
  • Cannot change during a division, must work position throughout division.  

Additional Officials/Judges: Judges are expected to adhere to all rules and regulations of Point MMA as the center ref does. While scores are being calculated you are NOT permitted to speak to anyone until center ref collects your score sheets/clickers etc. All official must be aware of rules. All officials must have extensive knowledge of scoring systems. All officials must have an open mind to all styles and systems. An official may be removed if deemed by the commissioner for but not limited to: bias toward a fighter or style, friendship interferes with ability to judge fairly, cheating, talking to teams, fighter, promoters etc while fight or division is in progress, taking bribes etc. All officials are expected to only communicate with center ref while division or fight is in progress. *** All Refs, judges, officials, scorekeeper and time keeper must be in POINT MMA Attire or black suits approved by commissioner. No sweats, etc will be permitted. Our goal is to promote fefs, judges, officials etc in the most professional manner possible. *** 


Clean punch – this includes but not limited to punching to the head, torso1 point
Clean kick - this includes but not limited to punching to the head, torso2 points
Mount must be held for 4 seconds2 points
Any take down – does not count if you pull opponent into guard from standing position2 points
Any sweep take down2 points
Knee to belly for 4 seconds2 points
Taking the back must be held for at least 5 seconds tightly with hooks in NO CHOKING!2 points
Dynamic throw or over should throw2 points
If you fall at sacrificeWarning
Opponent falls to ground after strike to torsoGive 10 count

Additional Officials/Judges:

Knee strike1st warning, 2nd point taken, 3rd disqualification
Elbow strike1st warning, 2nd point taken, 3rd disqualification
Back of the head1st warning, 2nd point taken, 3rd disqualification
Open finger gouging1st warning, 2nd point taken, 3rd disqualification
Checking the knee of opponent with your foot1st warning, 2nd point taken, 3rd disqualification
Ground and pound to head guard contact only no direct facial contact1st warning, 2nd point taken, 3rd disqualification
Twisting and joint locking1st warning, 2nd point taken, 3rd disqualification
Low groin kicks or punches1st warning, 2nd point taken, 3rd disqualification
Not breaking upon center refs commands1st warning, 2nd point taken, 3rd disqualification
Kicking or hitting in the back1st warning, 2nd point taken, 3rd disqualification
Hammer Fist while in ground position1st warning, 2nd point taken, 3rd disqualification
Attempted submissions1st warning, then disqualification


  • V-UPS

(Recommended for challengers to have Ring star shoes or cross training shoes, proper fitness attire or uniform for participation in events, no inappropriate attire with bad language or too revealing of body parts. ) Must check with physician prior to participating in this fitness challenge. If for any reason it seems that someone is unfit and cannot continue the head referee / judge will ask them to stop. This is a judgment call for the safety of the competitor. 1 minute each. Tuck Jumps: Jumping in air tucking knees to chest, be sure to point toes toward the ground and press hands down during jump. As soon as feet touch floor jump right back up and repeat. The jump cannot be counted if knees are not properly tucked to chest. The knees must come at least to the competitor's waist. The counter should have hand set at that height. Cannonball with a jump shot: cannot count if the hand and wrist do not fully extend on the jump shot motion, with toes point down after jump. Push Ups: Military style pushups. Full extension of arms, chin down to floor. Counts if the body/head raises back up to start. position where the counter's hand touches the top of the participants head. Front Kicks: There has to be a chamber with each kick. Starting position for drill is a fighting stance. Following the stance, squat down, coming back up with a chamber and a front kick to the center line in front of competitor(center line would be center of the judge/counter). Then kicks are then alternated between legs with a squat in between each kick. V-Ups: laying down on back hands and feet stretched out. Hands and legs are lifted up at the same time upper body coming up at least to a 45 degree angle, and it doesn't count until hands and feet touch in the center. Counter/judge will hold hand in center of competitor and will only count if both the hands and feet of competitor meet hand in the center. The total of all 5 drills equals competitor score and placement 1st, 2nd 3rd and so on. Assigned counters will be in place – no one but the competitor may enter the ring/division all others must cheer from the side lines. Competitor may have water in hand during the transition from each drill.  

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