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Women's Fitness near Columbia

Women's Fitness near Columbia

Women's Fitness near Columbia


Developed by Master Kimber Johnson, Diva Grit blends the best martial arts and fitness techniques into a system tailor-made for today's modern and everyday woman.

Act Like a Lady, Train Like a Beast

As part of her healing process, Kimber Johnson has vowed to empower females, young and old, with tools she has learned through her husband’s Warrior Mindset Concepts. Tools that show her how to use all of her experiences, grit out the pain and shame, and create her own Diva Grit Program to empower females from the inside out. She wears many hats - a past World Champion, college graduate, entrepreneur, empowering instructor, wife, mother, community leader and head of the PTA.

“I don’t know how she does it all!” says her husband Willie “The Bam” Johnson. “But she grits it out and found time to help with the kids homework, cook, wash clothes, pay bills and more and more. But she trains like a beast!”

The revolutionary Diva Grit Concepts combines realistic, easy to learn, reality-based self-defense with mind, body and spirit fitness and athletics. Along with MMA, boxing and other components in a motivational, inspirational way for the everyday woman.

With the popularity of women’s MMA, kickboxing and fitness, it is time for a program like this, that builds muscle memory through acting like a lady, but training like a beast.

This is a unique, first of its kind program: Created by a woman, for women, from a woman’s firsthand experiences who is also a World Champion and Master martial artist. Through this program, females of all ages never have to feel ashamed or humiliated again for standing up, speaking out.

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