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Self Defense near Columbia

Self Defense near Columbia

Point MMA

Point MMA, as an extension of the Kung Fu system of Wushudo, embodies principles of the traditional martial arts. Unlike other “sports”, Point MMA is a complete system that incorporates principles to improve people from the inside out. These principles are points of emphasis built into the curriculums and training methods.

Take all of the elements of the martial arts: skill, technique, grappling, striking, discipline and character and put them on display here. This safe and amazingly exciting competition brings the traditional elements of the martial arts with the modern application of mixed martial arts.

Point MMA will truly let your style stand out because the emphasis is on clean technique. “Are you technically ready?”

Self Defense near Columbia

No knockouts, No Tapouts, No Ground and Pound, and absolutely no head contact. Are you technically ready? Self-control is about being able to execute perfectly placed technique without making contact.

Light to medium contact to the body.

As competitors grow in age, contact does increase.

Street MMA – all elements are taught and how to counter them in this program.

Promoting Safety and a healthy, wholesome lifestyle for our children.

Nowhere near what you see in the UFC ring. This is point sparring that allows takedowns, sweeps and with absolutely no striking once on the ground. You get 5 seconds to execute ground techniques (mount and guard) once on the ground.

Self Defense near Columbia

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