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In September of 1994 Willie “THE BAM” Johnson and Kimber Johnson hosted Maryland’s first ever POINT MMA Match (calling it the “Challenge of Champions – Go Head To Head”).

This event featured different styles of competitive point fighting: San Do, Chi Sao, Wrestling, Kickboxing and Jujitsu, it was a high energy and fun event. In attendance, were renowned martial arts masters and judges such as Master Manny Augrella, Lloyd Irving (who now has many UFC fighters), Master Dennis Brown, and others from China; they all came together for this well executed plan to bring the winners of each style together to hold a fight of champions and styles. The event showcased the values and draw of Point MMA with its focus on sportsmanship, safety and self control. Thoughout the 1970’s to early 1990’s martial arts competitions were held in high regard and recognized as a top sport for athletes to demonstrate their abilities in a controlled manner.

We have designed Point MMA and Point MMA Kidz Play to help bring that recognition back to the sport we love. We feel that many have not benefited from their contribution and influence on the sports world today.

This would be the first Sport Karate Amateur set of divisions ever that would allow competitors to try their hand at a new style of Mixed Martial Arts that emphasizes safety and sportsmanship – taking the unique blend of the competitor’s style (Art Form) and another style and being able to compete in one division. Our ultimate goal is to allow its participants, both adults and kids to compete in this new sport but under the safety-net and protection standards built by the legacy of sport karate. By mandating full protective gear, and light to medium contact, with elimination of brutal skin cutting techniques on this amateur level. With no knock outs or complete submission holds allowed, this allows everyone to feel confident enough to try this division.

For those who one day wish to compete professionally at MMA and possibly the UFC, competing in Point MMA might give them an edge while teaching and exemplifying traditional martial arts techniques and discipline as well as respect for other competitors.

Point MMA is in the beginning stages of development to become hosted as a national event, world game event and possibly an Olympic sport!

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Mission Statement

Our Mission is to earn a perfect win from within, while raising the standards of Sports Karate Legacy.

We do this by paying meticulous attention to every detail of our character in order to achieve technical perfection.

Our celebration is not from external glory but from internal growth. Through our martial life style we push to be an example of mind body and spirit and through this comes excellence.


To continue the progression of sport karate and aid other fighters to shine. Brining what is widely televised, excepted form of fighting to the world of Sport Karate in a safe, fun, controlled manner that will show case the talent, skill and style of each fighter.

To allow our youth to have those same experiences without all the negative characteristics that generally are exploited in the media, TV, etc.

To allow artist of all styles and systems to challenge themselves in a controlled environment against artist of other styles.

To bring back legendary fighters and their fight abilities that were also magnificent exhibitions of talent and sportsmanship that would make anyone proud to be a part of the karate community.

Bringing back to light that tournaments served as barometer, registering the skills of a sensei as well as those of his students. They showed not only the power of a fighter’s punch or kick, but also the strength of his character…. The development of his mental discipline.


This program is designed to meet the growing need for skilled martial arts athletes that wish to be a complete or well rounded artist both in the ring and the in their school. Upon completion of the course you will be awarded the title of PMMA Certified Instructor. There is a very real and growing need for skilled MMA instructors in our industry. Most instructors often rely on what they learned as a student and don’t really continue their martial arts education and build on their abilities once they become an instructor. A lot of school owners are scrambling to provide their instructors with effective, credible sources for MMA training. This certification course is much more than simply techniques. We will discuss and teach you the proper mindset and presentation to implement MMA into your school on a wholesome level as to be intriguing to all of your current and future student body. This course will teach you how to bring MMA into your current style or system while remaining appealing to men, women and children in the capacity that attracts each individual to your school based on their personal needs.

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