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Join out 1 Out of 100 movie donations launch to provide quality martial arts and fitness to underprivileged kids.

When we a participate in sports we all win. Sports help kids learn the values of teamwork, giving their all on all levels. COVID-19 has put a hold on sports like never before. Many community centers have closed, and sport programs were cut in schools across the country. Our mission is the launch the Kids’ Point MMA 37 Skills under these challenges and develop teenage coaches as they become young entrepreneurs. This is the core reason we’re raising money for this coming-of-age film, helping to bring quality sports back to communities in need.

A Message From the Team at Lima Films:

Dear Potential Contributors:

May we take this time to introduce ourselves as 'Lima Films’. We are a productive and highly-dynamic production team focused on releasing high-quality films. 1 out of 100 is a movie project that will require a $10,00.00 budget (investment).

Short Summary:
1 out of 100

After serving a few years in prison, Elijah is granted early parole, where he finds himself working at a martial arts dojo. As he must decide whether or not to re-enter a life he thought was behind him, Jojo -- a young martial arts student who runs the dojo, finds himself having to help raise his younger brother as he also prepares for a martial arts competition that could change his life.

Jojo, with all the odds stacked against him, chooses to be the one that will overcome all the obstacles that our teenagers and children are facing today. This young man held true to the principles and the student creed of the martial arts. The student creed states: “I will strive to develop myself in a positive manner, avoiding anything that reduces my physical, mental and spiritual growth. I will strive to develop self-discipline, in order to bring out the best in myself and others. I will use what I learn in Wushudo in humble state of consciousness, respecting the laws of mankind and living by the laws of the universal creator”.

In the end, will Jojo succumb to the various pressures? Will he be broken down by the many COVID-19 challenges that many people are facing? Will he be sidetracked by the struggles of his mom? Will he face the pressure of being there for his little brother? Lastly, will he be a role model that adjusts to COVID-19 virtual training helping to empower other teenagers and children through online training?

Parts of this movie are based on real-life events.

This is such a universal story impacting all of us. Let’s all come together and celebrate the possibilities of this one young man who stood up to become 1 out of 100 and the incredible inspiration this is for so many children, teenagers and families.

We have been working dauntlessly to deliver and we will continue to do so throughout the duration of this project. We have set benchmarks to minimize risk as well as a buffer to secure the investment made by the shareholders.

Our production goals are to finish the filming within less than 5 days and to finish total production by first quarter of 2021. Based on the volunteering of multiple members and a reduction of cost in specific areas relating to production, we can assure that the production quality will exceed total investment cost of the $10,000.00 made by our investors and/or producers. By aligning Lima Films and your partnership we will work together to produce 1 out of 100 as we anticipate being an award-winning film. While 1-Out-100 is a full length feature film, it will have the ability of standing strong next to other martial arts films of the past and present like “The Karate Kid” and “Cobra Kai”.

We have taken a collective approach and have conducted extensive research to support the mission of our movie. Based on which is a leading resource for reviewing consumer behavior, there is growing demand for thrillers. Our film project is designed to excite a viewer audience that is seeking a suspense thriller. We expect to finish the project by the 2021 deadline; however, have created a buffer allocating extra time for production. I have produced a simple summary about 1 out of 100 and have included a budget proposal to support the evidence for a successful case.

Between Lima Films, myself we can assure that your contribution will produce exceptional results and will give you the opportunity to add a winning movie project to your portfolio. Join us, and we will produce this award-winning film as soon as we can identify all of the terms and requirements that will satisfy your goals as well as a great Return on Investment (ROI) within six months of our premier date. We look forward to ironing out all of the details regarding the budget and project. After reviewing our script, we hope to be able to finalize an agreement and in turn, green-light production for 1 out of 100.


The collaboration of:
Willie “The BAM” Johnson
Stronger Than Drugs Foundation
Gerard Lima - Lima Films
Robert Parham


Pledge Perks: (click to expand)

  • Digital download of the film
  • Digital download of the movie poster (8' x 10')

  • Digital download of the script
  • Kid's Point MMA 37 Skills Scholarship -- Buy One Get One Free = one child gets a scholarship, AND you get one

  • Digital copy of The Complete Martial Artist book
  • Kid's Point MMA 37 Skills Scholarship -- Buy One Get TWO Free = two children get a scholarship, AND you get one
  • FREE Call 2 Action Martial Arts virtual ticket

  • 1 Warrior Mindset kit -- we sponsor one Warrior Mindset kit for a teenager
  • A copy of the 1-Out-Of-100 Book
  • Movie credit

  • VIP Pass for Kidz Martial Arts Choice Awards (KAMACA) 2022 in Atlantic City
  • Additional Warrior Mindset Kit -- We sponsor two Warrior Mindset kits for two teenagers

  • Signed Black Bet used in film by cast, director, and writer at KAMACA
  • FREE wine and cheese at Alan Goldberg's Action Martial Arts even with celebrity guests, 2022 Atlantic City
  • Co-Producer credit in flim (listed on IMDB as well)
  • 1-Out-Of-100 T-Shirt

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